We are The Lighting Marketplace.

We love to challenge the status quo as we pursue our mission: We create the global professional network for the lighting industry to provide information and new business opportunities by combining customer centricity with tech and lighting know-how.

Our Story There's no blueprint. Our journey started with the idea to develop an entirely new business model for the lighting industry and to rethink traditional sales and marketing. ‍ LightingMarketplace.com was founded in mid-2019 and has successfully launched its open beta version of the marketplace just a few months later. We combine lighting industry expertise with outstanding technological know-how. This combination makes us unique.

Our Values Our core values are reflected in everything we do. Each one reminds us to stay true to ourselves, shape our team DNA while driving best solutions for our customers.

We are Lighting. We are tech. We are hiring! At LightingMarketplace.com, we're on a mission to build an innovative B2B marketplace for the lighting industry. Let's shape our success story together!